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Name: Mr Mohammad Bin Sulaiman
Position: Chief Deputy Registrar
Email: mohdhjs@unisel.edu.my
Name: Assoc Prof. Dr. Nor Azilah Husin
Position: Head of Program
Email: nor_azilah@unisel.edu.my
Name: Mr Fadhal Ilahi Bin Abdul Ghani
Position: Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Email: fadhal@unisel.edu.my
Name: Mr Nik Ahmad Izzuddin Bin Nik Abdullah
Position: Accountant
Email: nikizzuddin@unisel.edu.my
Name: Mrs. Nor Azlin Yahaya
Position: Assistant Finance Officer
Email: azlin@unisel.edu.my
Name: Mr Zaidi Che Zakariah
Position: Librarian
Email: zaidicz@unisel.edu.my
Name: Mr. Muhammad Faez Bin Mohd Yatim
Position: Webmaster
Email: mohdfaez@unisel.edu.my
Name: Miss Noor Alifah Binti Alimon
Position: Assistant Administrative Officer
Email: alifah@unisel.edu.my
Name: Miss Ainur Farahin Binti Mohd Nazrum
Position: Computer Technician
Email: Ainur@unisel.edu.my
Name: Miss Maisarah Binti Mohd Yusof
Position: Operations & Assistant Administrative
Email: maisarah@unisel.edu.my
Name: Mr Muhammad Ashraf Bin Nor Azmi
Position: Technician
Email: ashrafazmi@unisel.edu.my
Name: Mr Muhammad Akmal Bin Mohd Sibon
Position: Driver
Email: akmal@unisel.edu.my