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Master of business administration


  • Bachelor’s Degreewith CGPA 2.50 & above
  • Diploma with Accreditation of Prior Experiential
  • Learning (APEL) which is a special exam prior to entry


  • Three intakes per year: April, August and November
  • (completion of minumum 13 cources)


International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 6.0 or its equivalent and a score of 500 for Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).


Nor Azilah is an Associate Professor at Universiti of Selangor. She holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Management from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT), M.Sc from UPM and B.Sc from University of Wisconsin, USA.  She is now holding position as Deputy Dean in Selangor Business School. She has 27 years’ experience in the field of teaching as well as training, workshops, consultancy and research. She was the Managing Editor of International Journal Contemporary Management (IJCM) and Selangor Business Review, Reviewer Journal of Quality Measurement and Analysis (JQMA), Selangor Humaniora Review, Jurnal Penyelidikan Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia and Jurnal Akademik Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia.  Among other tasks are internal and external examiner, programme reviewer, Bestari grant committee, Selangor State grant committee, ATA Head committee, visiting lecturer, and Strategic Planning committee. She has been supervising Master and PhD students at locally and internationally. She has published in international journals and local journals as well as conference proceedings. She has also written a chapter in a book and also two books recently. Now she is the Principal Researcher for a fundamental research grant Scheme (FRGS) by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and Selangor State Committee for Research, Development, Science and Technology, and Innovation Committee (JTGPPSTI) and Ministry of Education, National Children Development Research Center (NCDRC).

As a researcher, Nor Azilah has published about 30+ research papers, including Conference Proceedings, journal articles, and book/ chapter in a book. She also served as general chair, program chair, technical chair, organizing committee member, and session chair. She received best paper presenter awards at BIBSR 2017, ICBER 2016, and AASM2013. Her core research areas are quality of life, work-life balance, business continuity management, educational leadership, and business management. Finally, she is an active member of different professional organisations namely Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM), Malaysian Environment-Behavior Researchers (AMER) Certified Supply Chain Practitioners, Malaysian Institute of Purchasing and Material Management (MIPMM), Malaysian English Language Teaching Association (MELTA), and National Union Teaching Profession (NUTC).

Assoc Prof. Dr.Nor Azilah Husin



Strategic Management GCM6133
Managerial Economics for Desicion Making GCM6213
Business Research Method GCM6313
Organization Behavior GCM6143
Specialisation : General Management GMM 6223 : project and Operation Management
GMM 6213 : Entrepreneurship
GMM 6233 : Quality and Change Management
GMM 6133 : Cross Cultural Management
GMM 6333 : Human Resource Management
Specialisation : Logistic Management GLM 6243 : Retail Supply Chain and Logistics Management
GLM 6313 : Logistics Information System
GLM 6233 : Inventory and Warehouse Management
GLM 6323 : Supply Chain Strategies
GLM 6243 : Supply Chain Logistics Management
Specialisation : Project Management GPM 6213 : Introduction to Project Management
GPM 6223 : Pre and Construction Phase in Project
GPM 6233 : Project Planning and Management Control
GPM 6313 : Managing Quality, Safety and Environment in Project Management
GPM 6223 : Project and Operation Management
Specialisation : Islamic Management GIM 6213 : Shariah Aspect of Business and Finance
GIM 6223 : Islamic Capital Market
GIM 6233 : Wealth Planning and Management
GIM 6313 : Deposit and Financing Operations of Islamic Banks
GCM 6313 : Corporate Finance
Specialisation : Accounting GAM 6213 : Advanced Management Accounting
GAM 6223 : Auditing and Assurance
GAM 6233 : Selected Topic in Accounting
GAM 6313 : Seminar in Financial Accounting
GCM 6343 : Management and Cost Accounting

Elective Courses

Marketing Management GCM 6233
Malaysian Business Law GCM6113

Research Project Courses

Research Project 1 GRM6363
Research Project 2 GRM6463

RM 17,325
(RM434.00 per credit hours)

(RM670 per credit hours)

Total Credit Hours:  40 hours


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SBS will participate actively in the advancement of knowledge, diffusion of learning and the gaining of competitive advantage in the area of business, corporate and public services management and thereby contribute to moulding future business practices. It will forge strategic alliances and partnerships as well as engage in collaborative enterprises with key industries, business, corporations and public service institutions. Additionally, it will support Selangor’s transformational program and socio-economic development agenda of driving development and accelerating talent development.

The MBA programmed aims to produce graduates to meet the needs of their organizations in personal and career advancement that match the current and future demands. It also aims at enhancing human capital that could contribute towards competent and productive manpower as well as business and industrial growth.

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International Student