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Vol. 1 (2021): Technological Advancement in the Age of Disruption

The Selangor Business School Journal (SBSJ) is a peer-reviewed open access journal which aims at publishing papers of quality across a wide spectrum of areas encompassing business enterprise, strategic management, business law and industry-related subjects. SBSJ’s objective is to promote the exchange of views and knowledge related to the journal’s topics of interest and to serve as a platform for academicians, researchers and practitioners to publish their research work and articles. SBSJ intends to bridge the gap between research and practice by promoting the publication of original, novel and industry-relevant papers. SBSJ welcomes original manuscripts from esteemed individuals to achieve this goal.

Keywords: E-wallets, E-payment, Acceptance, Malaysia, Covid-19.



Editor's Note

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Selangor Business School Journal (SBSJ), a peer-reviewed, open access journal that considers theoretical and empirical papers including to Business Law, Corporate Law, Marketing, Finance, Strategic Leadership, Economics, Administration, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship as research articles, reviews, case studies and commentaries for publication.

While the journal aims to provide a platform for publishing results and research with a strong empirical component to bridge the gap between research and practice, we will avoid being straightjacketed into conventional modalities, and hence, we will also promote any article or paper that is thought provoking, critically inclined to challenge basic assumptions in the myriad fields of knowledge and pushes the frontiers of our intellectual capacity to the limit.

In this vein, to kick off our inaugural issue, we present SBSJ’s Vol. 1 (2021): Technological Advancement in the Age of Disruption, which contains articles that touches particularly on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), Blockchain and Big Data. It will be clear that the menacing virus in the room has been glaringly left out in our present discourse. And the reason is equally clear: we have dedicated our next issue exclusively for the discussion on this unprecedented crisis of the century under the overarching theme of “COVID-19 and its Discontents – What lies ahead for Business and the Economy?”


Blockchain And The Transformative Impact On Business, Society And The Economy
Mohd Faiz Abdullah, 1-12


Blockchain may be viewed as a technology as well a phenomenon with a disruptive impact on the economy and society. Because it leads to the decentralisation of power, blockchain is viewed as a threat to the powers that be – central banks, and state authorities. This article also discusses blockchain and the outcome economy, and examines the challenges and issues pertaining to its adoption.

Keyword: Blockchain, decentralisation of power, outcome economy, data validation, consensus mechanism, data ownership, jobs

Driving Big Data Into The E-Learning System: The Challenges
Balqis Abdul Razak, Mohd Faiz Abdullah, 1-9

Abstract Big Data has always been at the forefront in this world full of digital transformation, especially when the educational sector has become a highly competitive and dynamic environment. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of Big Data in every single aspect of the economy, society and education. Online learning, also known as e-learning is one of the efforts of implementing Big Data in the education system. This article will be discussing on the challenges of implementing Big Data in the e-learning system, which touches on the demands of Big Data, algorithmic bias, traditional paperwork culture and cost management.

Keyword: Big Data, e-learning, learning management system, information system, algorithmic bias, cost management, learning technology

4IR And The Unleashing Of Creative Disruption: Implications For Strategic Management Mohd Faiz Abdullah, 1-9


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is the latest in a series of paradigm shifts in man’s industrial trajectory, unleashing a tsunami of disruption which impacts across a broad spectrum: blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and IOT (Internet of Things). This articles examines the nature of the impact as well as the implications for strategic management.

Keyword: Paradigm shift, Fourth Industrial Revolution, strategic management, digital disruption, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, IOT

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